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| Free Shipping Over $59.99 Con 48 US Only. | Flat Rate Shipping $7.99. All orders will ship within 7 business days.

Juliet™ 12" High-Definition Cutter by Siser®


Siser Juliet™ 12" High-Definition Cutter

Juliet™ is a high definition cutting machine capable of cutting the finest details in a variety of materials. Juliet is designed for all Siser® heat transfer vinyl via the pre-installed cut settings, but works superbly with other materials such as cardstock, stickers, craft foam and much more.  Cut materials up to 12" wide using the included cutting mat, or go matless and cut longer rolls using the custom roll feeder (arriving soon).  Juliet gives you the freedom to create on your terms and with the materials you're already familiar with and use on a daily basis. Say goodbye to loud motors and horrible grinding noises that some cutters produce, Juliet is quiet. 


  • Pre-set Settings: Take the guesswork out of cutting. Juliet comes with dozens of pre-set cut settings for all Sisermaterials. You can also create your own cut settings! 
  • High Res Camera: Print and Cut projects are a breeze thanks to the built-in camera on the cutter head. Juliet can read registration marks and cut full color designs with ease. 
  • Wireless Connectivity: Connect your Juliet to your PC or MAC via WiFi for a reliable wireless experience! 
  • Attention to Detail: Small details equal huge potential! Thanks to pinpoint accuracy, Juliet can cut some of the most intricate details with precision down to .01mm without skipping a beat! 
  • Marker Adapter: Juliet does more than just cut! Create beautifully drawn designs using Siser Sublimation Markers (or other drawing utensils) with the included marker adapter.  
  • Adjustable Pinch Rollers: Thanks to adjustable pinch rollers, you're not limited to a specific cut area.  Utilize the entire width of the cutter for your projects. Cut with or without a cutting mat. 

Powerful Software - Leonardo™ Design Studio

A powerful cutter is nothing without powerful software. Leonardo™ Design Studio was created to be the perfect companion software to the Juliet™ cutter. Easily connect Juliet to Leonardo Design Studio via the included USB cable or a WiFi connection and you're ready to go! 

The best part? Leonardo Design Studio isn't just cutting software - it's also an incredibly versatile workspace. Use the built-in canvas and tools to create your own artwork from scratch, or download premade files from the extensive art library. You can also view swatches and specs for every Siser® material, get inspiration from our handmade projects, learn new skills with tutorial videos, and so much more - all within a single software! Leonardo Design Studio is free with every Juliet purchase. 

What's Included

  • Juliet 12" High-Definition Cutter
  • 1 - Blade Housing Unit
  • 2 - 45° Blades (Red Cap)
  • 1 - 60° Blade (Blue Cap) 
  • 1 - Marker Adapter
  • 1 - High Tack Cutting Mat (12"x12")
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 Power Adapter